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Since 1998, there has been a sharp increase in demand from our customer base. Our tooling team was dedicated to designing and manufacturing various molding customization. Over the years, we’ve gained great knowledge in the field. Not only did we make great strides in the technology, quality and our company bylaws, we also followed up with improved product design, processes, quality control and manufacturing processes to meet our customers’ expectations.

In 2011, “Newstar Mold Technology Co. Ltd”, subsidiary of Plastico Group in Suzhou, was established. Newstar Mold Technology specialized in precision plastic injection, mold design and fabrication. It played a critical role in raising our ability to provide a higher quality of products and services (2D/3D mold design, CAM, runner analysis, CNC processing, EDN processing, workbench assembly, and precision measurement equipment). We were also able to develop a more advanced SOP, SIP and quality control system for tooling manufacture.

Process Flow