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Quality Control Process
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High Standard QC Systems Maintenance

Plastico has set a high standard in quality control system. We are constantly on a strict lookout for the verification of products' design, reliability, compatibility, safety requirements, as well as raw materials' qualification. From raw material qualification to production to delivery of products, we prioritize quality assurance above all. For this we are proud of our quality control system.

When it comes to mass production, we set up strict quality control procedures to ensure that all products and raw materials meet Plastico's high quality standard. Furthermore, in order to keep up with our high quality consistency, we conduct Ongoing/Outgoing Reliability Test (ORT) sporadically, to keep ourselves in check in the least expected times. Our unwavering spirit in the pursuit of high quality standard will not be compromised.

In Plastico Group, we are always looking for ways to boost the reliability of our products. We place great emphasis in quality improvement projects and activities. Whether it is product design, production process, quality control, or in areas of shipping, internal operation, document control, and after sales, we are constantly looking to improve them. Never satisfied, we will keep trying to attain perfection.

Quality Control Process