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Multi-Pattern Garden Nozzles

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Trigger Nozzle Series

Trigger Nozzle Series (PW-4000; PW-4050; PW-4100; PW-4150)

7 spray patterns (jet, mist, shower, flat, vertical, soaker, cone) Adjustable front spray head for delicate spray ergonomic trigger and grip for more comfortable handle Adjustable rear knob for volume control instant lo...

Spray Nozzle Series

Spray Nozzle Series (PW-4025; PW-4200; PW-4250; PW-4300; PW-4350)

Rotational nozzle head to adjust among 3 water patterns Swivel side knob allows full contol of flow rate and complete shut-off Streamlined design for ergonomic handle PW-4025   7 spray patterns (jet, mist, shower...

Twist Nozzle Series

Twist Nozzle Series (PW-4700; PW-4710; PW-4720; PW-4730)

Adjustable water pattern from fine spray to full stream to complete shut-off Made from impact-resistant high-strength plastic PW-4700 (NH Type)   Adjustable water pattern from hard jet to fine spray Made from imp...

Pistol Nozzle Series

Pistol Nozzle Series (PW-4810; PW-4815)

Adjustable water pattern from jet to full spray Hold-open button for continuous spraying Molded grip for cushioned comfort Rear-trigger shut-off function PW-4810 (NH Type) PW-4815 (Snap-on Type)

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