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Hose Connectors & Adapters

Product ID: PW-2100 ~ PW-2257
Hose Connectors & Adapters

Hose Connectors

Hose Adapters

Hose Connectors w/ Shut-Off

Hose Mender

Hose Connector

Accessory Adapter

Connector w/ Dual Shut-Off

PW-2100 ½”

PW-2110 ¾”

PW-2120 ½”

PW-2130 ¾”

PW-2180 ¾” NH

PW-2185 ¾” BSP

PW-2220 ¾” Snap-On BSP

PW-2221 1” Snap-On BSP

PW-2222 1”x ¾” Snap-On NH

Classic Multi-Size Connector

Hose Connector w/ Water Stop

Tap Adapter

Hose Connector w/ Dual Shut-Off

PW-2123 ½”, ⅝”, ¾”

Patented Click-lock function allows easy loosening of the nut

PW-2140 ½”

PW-2150 ¾”

PW-2190 ¾” NH

PW-2195 ¾” BSP

PW-2196 ½” BSP

PW-2197 1” BSP

PW-2198 ¾” x ½”

PW-2199 1” x ¾”

PW-2240 ¾” NH

PW-2245 ¾” BSP

M.T. Hose Connector

F.T. Hose Connector

2-Way / 3-Way Hose Coupler

Double Hose Connector w/ Dual Shut-Off

PW-2160 ¾” NH

PW-2165 ¾” BSP

PW-2170 ¾” NH w/ Water Stop

PW-2171 ¾” NH w/o Water Stop

PW-2175 ¾” BSP w/ Water Stop

PW-2176 ¾” BSP w/o Water Stop



PW-2250 ¾” NH

PW-2255 ¾” BSP

PW-2256 1” BSP

PW-2257 1” x ¾” BSP


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Address:20F.-3, No.510, Sec. 5, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110, Taiwan (R.O.C.)