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Shrub Spray Heads & Nozzles

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Shrub Spray Head - 01

Shrub Spray Head - 01 (PL-1301)

versatile female-threaded nozzle      Product ID       Spray Pattern     PL-1301   Full Circle PL-1302   Half Circle PL-1303   Quarter Circle PL-13...

Shrub Spray Head -02

Shrub Spray Head -02 (PL-1401)

     Product ID        Spray Pattern    PL-1401   Full Circle PL-1402   Half Circle PL-1403   Quarter Circle PL-1404   Three-Quarter Circle P...

Flood Bubbler

Flood Bubbler (PL-1500)

  comes with white filter screen filter can be purchased separately

Adjustable Nozzle

Adjustable Nozzle (PL-1608; PL-1610; PL-1612; PL-1615; PL-1617)

Product ID Throw Distance PL-1608 8' (S)VAN PL-1610 10' (S)VAN PL-1612 12' (S)VAN PL-1615 15' (S)VAN PL-1617 17'(S)VAN                 Compatible female thread...

Spray Nozzle - 01

Spray Nozzle - 01 (PL-1701 ~ PL-1706)

       Product ID        Spray Pattern PL-1701   Full Circle PL-1702   Half Circle PL-1703   Quarter Circle PL-1704   Three-Quarter Circle   P...

Spray Nozzle - 02

Spray Nozzle - 02 (PL-1801 ~ PL-1808)

     Product ID        Spray Pattern PL-1801   Full Circle PL-1802   Half Circle PL-1803   Quarter Circle PL-1804   Three-Quarter Circle   PL-1805 ...

Sprinkler Surround

Sprinkler Surround (PL-1900)

Dimensions: ID 2½"; OD 3¾"; Height 2¾" Protects pop-up sprinkler from lawn mower and whipper snipper damage helps control grass growing over the pop-up head Serrated teeth allows easy installation

Adjustable S-Nozzle

Adjustable S-Nozzle (PL-1910)

360° adjustment of 8'/10'/12'/15'/17' radius coverage, rotational trigger at 370° Compatible with female nozzle   Product ID Throw Distance PL-1908 8' (S)VAN PL-1910 10' (S)VAN PL-1912 12' (S)VAN ...

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